Soulmate wake up call.

Loyal, generous, brutally honest and a confidant are some of the things we search for in a soulmate. If luck is on our side we do stumble upon a special someone who has most of these traits, also with whom we decide to spend the rest of our lives with; but when you think about it, someone with all those characteristics does already exist in our lives way before we meet our better half, that person has unknowingly made a special place for themselves in our hearts while we remain oblivious and take them for granted. This person is none other than your best friend.images

We constantly whine to them about how lonely it gets, how we need someone to make us feel special once in a while or how we don’t have anyone to go on dates with every Saturday night. When all along we do all those things with our best friend, not necessarily calling it a date but perhaps a soiree with the bestie. You’d talk over the phone for hours yet as soon as the call is over you find yourself instantaneously messaging each other on whatsapp or facebook. In fact, when you receive a bad or a good news your best friend is the first person to be informed about it; who are we kidding! We don’t really end up telling our families or spouse literally EVERYTHING…

Not to mention, your best friend will always be a loud wake up call when once in a while you begin to stagger away from your own route. How is it possible to not consider this person as a legit soulmate? Because not always do you fall in love with someone who offers you such comfort or such care and more. A bestie knows all your weaknesses yet never makes you feel inferior about it and when it comes to strengths your best friend makes sure to motivate you enough to build it up further.137958126000202

Certainly they won’t be the ones to judge when your behavior is all berserk, preferably they would want to be part of your craziness. That being said, once in a while we should thank our best friend for being around so much, especially through the rough and tough moments. I am not saying that we don’t completely need a special someone to marry or that one person we usually refer to as our better half, we just don’t need to label them as our soulmate because that truly and solely belongs to a best friend.tumblr_inline_mm7ufrRwPh1qz4rgp


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