The Phenomenal Movement

urlIn today’s time, the talk about women and the rights they are entitled to receive has become the icing over every topic. From young to old, women are standing up to encourage ‘feminism’, ‘women empowerment’ and ‘gender equality’. They are no longer asked to wait for equality or to be silent regarding the subject. People around the world have embraced this issue and are doing all they can to accommodate it within their society, yet in some it is still a discussion cringed upon.

Evidently whether its work, education, inheritance or marriage, women had been discriminated for decades and in many societies they still are! They are merely seen as someone to work only at home; cook food up to perfection, to keep the house clean or to remain quiet while she gets ridiculed for something other’s perceived as wrong, because as a child a woman was taught to live for her husband, along with being compelled to obey his and his family’s every beck and call whether she liked it or not, this was apparently the reason why she was born. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

This is unfortunately the truth that goes on behind closed doors to this day. A truth no one really wants to talk about because they are ‘ordered’ not to. This is part of the reason why the journey towards equality has taken centuries to reach universally. But as the world advanced women began to see things clearly; they realized that they are meant to be happy and they should have rights equal to that of a man because a woman is not a doormat to be walked on, she has an identity. In addition to that, she does have intelligence that must be flaunted instead of being locked up and hidden in a corner. Nonetheless, some men do motivate women to achieve their own ambitions and dreams, they feel proud of them; such men are surely a sight for sore eyes.

Finally, where once upon a time the position and status of women all around was sadly low has now incredulously risen in the 20th century, which is very pleasing to see; this goes to show sometimes being patient does bear great fruits. It is essential for women of all ages to know any act that makes her feel degraded, inferior and has a major effect on her self-respect is abuse. This is what young men and women of today should be taught. Inequality leads to injustice.


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