Road To Moving Forward Lane

person-601587_640Ever been haunted by mistakes made in the past? Mistakes that you regret until this day. This mistake could be a bad decision or a risk that you opted to take without thinking twice of the aftermath. The good news is, we all have such regrets which are inevitable to look over no matter how perfect you try to be. We are naturally bound to make certain mistakes; it is what makes us human. Sometimes we even make decisions that we think would help someone we care for although the result turns out to be the complete opposite.

Guilt, is what we feel next once the deed is done. It stays with us for decades, moulding our lives that leads towards a change in our personalities, which can either be good or even bad. If it’s bad it automatically directs us to depression and self-harm, which is usually the outcome of wrong choices. The question here is, is it worth it? Does it literally make the pain go away? I think not.

So many people around you go through worse; even if not it doesn’t give you a logical reason to lose hope or to not allow yourself to be happy. Many believe they deserve it; again, I don’t think so because no one deserves to feel so much despair for such a long time! You’re not being fair to yourself. Life was not given to us to dwell constantly on our regrets. Yes, we do feel awful and yes at that moment in time you want to run away as far as possible. But once few days have passed you should allow the feeling to pass as well no matter how bad it is, give yourself a chance.

These bad choices makes you learn, they make you think so take them as a lesson for the day or week and try not to repeat them again. However, in spite of going through all that if for some odd reason you decide to recreate the same faux pas don’t go back to being depressed instead learn from it once again. Come on, you are not a being from outer space who’s obligated to be perfect 24 hours per day, unless you consider yourself to be then well be my guest allow yourself to sink.

Forgiving yourself and moving forward would be a great start, also, the only way to feel content and pleasant from within. Consider what happened in the past as a story written by you in your little book of life to be kept on a shelf to swim in dust. Reopen them when you’re strong enough to use it with a motive of giving advice to help another. Never allow anything to rule over you no matter how difficult things get.


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