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Collage 2015-09-19 16_40_05Art has made its independent position in a world where creativity speaks louder than words. It simply requires interest, patience and a creative palette whether this kind of talent is inherited or developed over time. Such artsy talent was inherited by a young woman from Saudi Arabia, Atiya Z Shaikh who directed her know-how towards crafting, thanks to her artistic family who in turn have inspired her to carry on the legacy of the arts, “whether it’s a sketch artist or a photographer.” Atiya. Z said “I would say it’s all in the blood! You just have to dig a bit deeper to find what you love and that is what I did.”

On 22 August 2011, she decided to go a step further by starting a business; “The Whatnots Shop” where she creates and sells all kinds of slick products. From paper crafts, table displays to jewelry; this store has a variety of products to purchase from; all solely designed and hand-crafted by Atiya herself.

So how did she come up with such a great idea? It all began when she visited a website that sold hand-made crocheted items. She was very much smitten by the whole thought of creating different sorts of things using as few elements as possible. From that point on wards, she decided to team up with her mother, whom she had seen since childhood knitting and sewing masterpieces. “I still remember our first sale was three days after the page was created and it was a small trinket bowl.” She said “That was the start, we went on making different crochet products and slowly after a year I started experimenting with many other items. Paper crafting is what people started liking because they would have a touch of personalization in the ordered gifts.”

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The response she had received and the number of clients that kept rising was all a wonderful surprise to her. Her designs are made up to perfection, there is so much delicacy and elegance in every piece created; it’s difficult to resist a purchase. She is now a member of the Scribbles Design DT team and Paper Crafting World. In addition to that, she has become their first official distributor for Saudi Arabia. She is also on a mini mission to grow awareness of hand crafting all over Saudi Arabia by conducting workshops at few compound areas within Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, “Individuals participating are enjoying while making their own personalized projects. That’s a win or me!” She happily gushed. Her hard work has surely paid off.

Do visit her blog to check out her creative items and order up! You will surely not be disappointed. You can visit The Whatnots Shop on Facebook as well.



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