The 67th Primetime Emmy Award – Red Carpet Event Best Dressed

We love to watch all kinds of television series whether it’s comedy, drama, suspense; we literally have an endless bucket list of shows to watch. As a matter of fact, we don’t ever want to lose an opportunity to binge watch them all day long, especially when it comes to mending a broken heart; a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a favorite ‘blanky’ is all we need to accompany us in the voluntary house arrest. They aid us back to health during a sick day as well as perk up our spirits after a tiring day at work or school. Oh the thrill we get from binge watching! Even though we are well aware that it leads towards not being productive at all, it’s nevertheless a guilty pleasure we can never let go of.

Let’s move on to talk about the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards which was held on 20th September 2015; another thing we look forward to every year. The actors, writers, producers, directors and everyone else working on any kind of television show deserve some kind of appreciation after all the efforts they put in to bring so much joy and entertainment in our lives. The red carpet is the main event girls all around are eager to watch, mainly for its glamour, the gowns, the makeup and let’s not forget the mission to spot the best dressed.

Here is the Top 10 Best dressed list:

  1.  Collage 2015-09-21 20_28_34
  2. Collage 2015-09-21 20_30_33
  3. Collage 2015-09-21 20_43_01
  4. Collage 2015-09-21 20_47_19
  5. Collage 2015-09-21 20_34_56
  6. Collage 2015-09-21 20_49_00
  7. Collage 2015-09-21 22_18_53
  8. Collage 2015-09-21 20_33_11
  9. Collage 2015-09-21 20_36_38
  10. Collage 2015-09-21 20_38_57

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