Sorry, not sorry. Busy, not busy.

Words are a great way to make or break any relationship; as they say, “words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well”. Everything we do is a choice made solely by us as individuals, whether its using words to pass on a message or taking an action to change the course of a situation. That being said, have you ever noticed that sometimes we over use two particular words for the sake of settling a situation or perhaps to create a distance from someone?

mr_sorryLet’s start with the word “sorry”. This word is utilized too often, just like eating a never ending packet of jelly beans. Apology is no longer used with sincerity, it’s simply the only solution to sugar coat a situation in order to come out from it. For instance, no matter how big of a crime someone commits if they said sorry, somehow it’s automatically assumed that he or she can no longer be convicted for their actions. There was a time when “I am sorry, it won’t happen again” was said with truthfulness and the word was kept as though it was engraved in concrete. On the contrary, now a days the whole apology process works on a repetitive cycle where one says sorry then repeats the same mistake once more with an apology ticket waiting in their hand. In what book is this alright?


The other is my personal favorite which I’ve heard and seen people use every now and then, “I am busy”. Come to think of it, no matter how occupied a person is they make time to socialize; but if they keep on saying “busy” continuously 24 hours per day just for you; clearly this kind of preoccupation is an excuse to avoid you. Funniest thing is if someone is truly as busy as they say they are shouldn’t even have enough time to talk to others or upload pictures of gathering and parties they went to that day over social media. A little tip, that’s an easy way to get caught so might I suggest staying away from facebook, snapchat, whatsapp and other socializing platforms while you are “busy”. Saying you’re too “caught up” all day for more than two months seems to be a simple solution to keep away from someone instead of courageously saying “I don’t think we can be friends anymore” or “I don’t think I can be with you”. Such people think others are incompetent or blind to notice when honestly it’s vice versa because they had such a thought in the first place.

When you see such a thing happening, it would be better to put a stop to it. Maybe by forcing yourself to not give more chances to the person who keeps saying sorry after repeating the same deed again and by saying goodbye to the person who clearly does not want to give you his or her time; why are you wasting yours on such people? They are not strong enough but you certainly are, so take a stand before you hurt yourself further. It’s good to walk away in order to be happy; take a step forward. Begin by throwing away any sort of excess baggage that you’ve been holding on to for so long; say “I forgive you but I cannot let this continue any longer.”


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