A Little Bit Of Everything

lifeWaking up each day watching the sun shine through the window, are one of the divine feelings to cherish as soon as you open your eyes every morning. Such a blessing to be given another day to conquer by doing something great. The smell of coffee or tea early in the morning revive the senses, giving us strength to move forward with the daily plans from sunrise to sunset. Listening to the chitchat on the streets, hearing the birds “tweet, tweet”, saying hello to strangers with a smile gives so much delight, if only for a while but the feeling is there nonetheless. The smell of flowers that bloomed in the gardens, squirrels and bunnies scurrying around whilst children play in the sand pit slides and swings with not a care in the world; so happy, so free. After a laborious day these are some tidbits to be thankful for. Once you’re home, when your pet runs to greet you whether a dog or a cat it tingles your heart making you laugh out loud, draining away all the tension you had. Going for long drives during the night while humming to your favorite song; making sudden plans with friends; and watching the fireworks paint the night sky with color are more sets of auspicious moments to look forward to.

The aroma seeping in the house from Moms cooking, the cuddles and hugs you receive from her every night before going to sleep makes you forget all the madness that happened around you. Daddy and his little tips about work and studies, the way he playfully teases you around or wants to play all kinds of games with you every once in a while and the efforts he makes to shelter you from harm goes to show you’re not alone in this world. Mother is also not too far behind with her lessons about life, even if you don’t understand them at first they sure do come in handy when you realize what she was trying to say. At the end of the day when you achieve something, no matter how big or small, the proud expression on your parent’s faces and the pat on the back you get from dad instantaneously makes you feel as though you’ve won a prize that is bigger than what you had earned. Let’s not forget siblings! The endless quarrels and wrestles, the overwhelming feeling of having a brother or a sister around and how your “innocent” deeds get covered up when you get caught doing something parents don’t approve of, especially when your sibling sneakily opens the door for you when you come home passed the curfew hour. These are some things to be grateful for.

The emotions that rush through when you fall in love for the first time. The security and compassion you receive from your better half; the way he or she caresses your hand and says “everything will be alright”, those words themselves give you a sense of calm despite how bad the situation might actually be. The long walks and dates you have while you each exchange how your day was spent; the chocolates, flowers, gifts and the adorable gestures you receive from them without any need for an occasion automatically makes you feel valued and special. The little goofy quirks you know about each other are what you love them for most and having those tiny arguments somehow make your relationship miraculously stronger. These are a few things to treasure.

The little things in life are what we should always be happy for, because together they add up to giving us much more joy than we comprehended.


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