Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

Though we are still recovering from the summer hangover it’s time to get back to work or studies. While we’re at it, why not be productive in a trendy way. Summer was all about the bright colours and neons whilst fall season leans more towards the classy colors giving a more sophisticated vibe.

According to the 10 must have colors for this season are:

  1. Collage 2015-09-28 14_30_16
  2. Collage 2015-09-28 14_32_14
  3. Collage 2015-09-28 14_07_30
  4. Collage 2015-09-28 14_25_49
  5. Collage 2015-09-28 14_34_50
  6. Collage 2015-09-28 14_42_45
  7. Collage 2015-09-28 14_38_34
  8. Collage 2015-09-28 14_40_25
  9. Collage 2015-09-28 14_19_10
  10. Collage 2015-09-28 14_04_34

SUGGESTIONS: Leather Jacket is the best option to wear anytime of the day. It looks great no matter what the occasion is. Forever 21 has stocked up a terrific collection this fall season, leather jackets are amongst these collections. They never fail to impress me with their casual chic yet retro ensembles.Collage 2015-09-28 15_26_53

ZARA is the next stop for sure! Their latest fall collection aims to promote style and elegance from the yesteryears with a few tweeks here and there to blend in with the 21st century generation providing a variety of outfits that would look great during a day at work and at night events.

Collage 2015-09-28 15_28_42

Time to catch up on some shopping girlies! 😉


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