Travel Essentials

When you’re on the go it’s best to pack as light as possible, It’s a bad idea to carry along ample of things considering the fact that shopping abroad is something we can hardly resist; so let’s not go with an over weight baggage to the destination in the first place. Moreover, the trip would be a disaster if you opt to wear anything that would be of hindrance while you’re on tour, a comfy attire is a plus point while on the trip; if you’re considering to carry heels or stilettos strike the thought away from your mind as far as possible because taking shoes that would harm your pretty little feet during long walks and climbs would be unfair to them and not mention a major faux pas (heels would be great if you have plans to go for parties or particular occasions while your on holiday so perhaps you could carry a pair along with you as back up for such events). Oh! and lets not forget the sun screen lotion.

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On flights it’s a good idea to avoid wearing too fancy clothes especially for a longer journey with stop overs. A lose top paired with your favorite jeans or pants sounds good enough. Basic things to carry along must include a jacket and socks (just in case you feel cold during the flight), water bottle (staying hydrated is good to avoid feeling bloated after the flight), a book and ipod (to pass your time), some snacks (better idea while you’re waiting for long at your stop over to catch the other flight). Carrying a pack of gum or candy to chew on during take off and landing helps to prevent ear pain as activating the muscles in your jaw aids with opening up the Eustachian tubes. Yawning and swallowing also helps to relieve the pressure.

There you have it, all the essentials that you require to have a pleasant trip!


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