Heart Vs. Mind

4play-heart-vs-mind2“Carpe diem” though I am completely devoted to these two words, there are days when I can’t stop myself from thinking about “what will happen next?” or “What does the future hold for me?” This is the kind of fight we all face from within, whether we like it or not these thoughts always find a way to creep through. Such is the life of a human….

There is a constant fight between the heart and the mind regarding the future. At one point the heart would tell you “It’s okay, we’ll cross the bridge when the time comes” whilst your mind keeps poking you, giving you tons of unavoidable reasons to over think or vice versa, which just drags you towards a messier result of an already messy situation; So living in the moment is truly not possible when all the while your heart and mind are at war about something that is yet to happen!

Your mind just goes blank, you don’t know where to start or where the finishing line is? The route towards success, peace and happiness are all haywire. So the best way to create a clearer path for yourself according to me is by taking a break either for a week or two, or even an entire month take some time to rejuvenate. Occupy yourself in other activities; that does always help because you are not busy thinking of the things that bother you with regards to the past, present and especially the future. When the time arrives to open up that box of thought, start thinking, you will surely find the best solutions that would help you not just temporarily but even in the long run. Certainly, there is no point fretting over it before hand.

That’s what carpe diem is all about, to live in the moment without thinking of the consequences. It can be tough when your heart and mind are not on the same page but once you shut them up for a while, giving them the silent treatment regarding the particular topic. They will surely come back around and build a road that will lead to lots more wonderful things. The trick is simple just live in the moment.


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