Fairy-tale A Nightmare In Disguise

of_wolf_and_man_by_shinigami1289-d4ucl39When you see couples walking around hand in hand and showing affection to one another, you would automatically think “How cute are they?” But you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Women in some cultures are treated worse than a slave, they are constantly ridiculed, belittled, and sometimes even beaten. Men can act so humble and caring towards their ladies in front of people as though they haven’t done anything to harm her; all the while she is forced to smile, laugh when cued, and talk when permitted. It is worth mentioning, she is someone’s daughter and a sister who was sent to your family to be handled with care, not to feel pain and be degraded by you. No human being has the right to inflict any sort of pain to another.

God forbid if she falls ill, that automatically creates another hue and cry with questions like, “Why do you fall ill all the time?”, “Who is going to cook food tonight?” “Why are you sleeping all day long, do you have nothing else to do?” Ummm…instead she would rather hear her better half say “are you feeling better sweetheart?” “Don’t worry about food we’ll order in” “It’s okay if the dinner is a bit late what matters is that you’ll feel better” It’s astonishing how you can expect someone to do all the chores and cook up to par while their health is taking a toll on them. The ironic thing is when the person who is harshly questioning her illness falls ill himself, he expects her to understand what he is “suffering” from. Women truly have hearts made of gold, they would instantaneously help the person back to health even though not one word of appreciation would be told to them, it’s all back to “normal” from then on-wards. Words of endearments are preferred to be used when they need something or when they miraculously have the urge to receive some kind of support from the wife.

It can be heart breaking to see and hear such an atrocity. You tend to question love and relationships altogether “Does it exist? Will my would-be husband do the same?” The only answer to such a question, “forget it I won’t marry at all. Better than being a slave to someone and his family. Better to spare my future little ones from watching such nonsense in the world. Spare them from doubting the world constantly” Oh and let me not forget the family, the biggest hypocrites ever known to man-kind. One word, “Gossip”, it’s a way of living for them, food does not feed their hunger gossip does and creating mischief does while they sit back, relax and watch the show. Once or twice if by luck they get caught, who is blamed? The answer is simple, they twist and turn the story and direct the whole mayhem to the new woman who entered the family; an easy target. It’s like a whole planned charade which just goes on and on. If the man is smart enough he’d understand the truth and put a stop to the chaos despite the emotional blackmailing because he should know his wife better than anyone else; but if he’s not, in a blink of an eye the woman is blindly bombarded with accusations and words that aren’t worth mentioning whilst the actual culprits grin feeling proud of what they were able to accomplish by just shedding a teardrop. Such people have hearts made of stone, no conscience and no morals what so ever.

Life doesn’t end there though, there are prince charmings who do exist but it all depends on luck and perhaps what God has planned out for you. Suffering will only make you stronger and wiser as a woman; perhaps it may give you the strength to leave this all behind someday and create your own empire. As a matter of fact, it would teach young ladies to beware of the wolves out there in the real world because fairy-tales could only last forever if your prince is there by your side to protect you, care for you, help you rise and most importantly would never think of belittling you ever.

A girl is treated like a princess by her family, she should feel the same way even after marriage. One thing is certain if a flower is continuously pelted by stones it can obviously barely survive, you cannot expect it to stay perfectly healthy and strong; instead give it some water, help it grow with love and care; it would bloom beautifully. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss”, never allow someone to crush your spirit, shine even if it’s painful for some eyes, especially if he says “you always do whatever you want” though that wasn’t the case initially, he drove you to the point of becoming a bit ignorant and selfish.


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