Life As We Know It

Cartoon-Wise-Owl-with-graduation-3242902Life has its own little short stories, that’s why a particular moment in your life doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ‘the end’ of everything; it simply directs you towards your own brand new chapter of your life. When the four years spent in university, the struggle, the stress, the loss of sleep and lethargic times, are over and done you wonder what the next step is? Should you work for a few years before moving on to the further degrees? Or should you directly start applying? 

Funnily, while you are in school you want time to rush as quickly as possible so that you’ll finally grow up and be done with it all; once you start university the excitement for the first day kicks in which also gradually diminishes and you want to be done with this chapter of your life too while wishing you could go back to school. Now that university is over you find yourself contemplating between what to do next and why did it all finish so fast. Clearly, there is no win-win situation here.

Instantaneously, you feel there is so much to do in so little time. In this chapter you want to leap to a good and stable job without the hassle. No matter how much people suggest “patience is the key” you still want to fast forward through these chapters. I remember wondering on the last day of my final exam for my final semester of the university, “what next?” It surely wasn’t the end, it was a beginning of new adventures that lie ahead of me. Nevertheless, I was dumbfounded for a while.

This is how these stories work for everyone, I realised no one really has their lives sorted out for themselves. There will be moments you feel everything is in place when suddenly a new plot in your story knocks you out and then you’re back to square one asking yourself, “what next?” the same question you asked yourself when the previous chapter was completed.


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