Spread some love and prayer

These attacks are occurring non-stop. It’s not easy to watch news channels or read the newspaper anymore. The world is suffering through an unrest because of certain people who have hatred towards the entire race of man kind. These people have no religion, no morals and no conscience in them. Hence playing the blame game amongst yourselves is not the right way to go about it. Perhaps this is the kind of division they wanted all along.

So instead of targeting eachother and making ignorant statements like “Muslims are doing this” look around you the people who are the original culprits have caused more terror all over while you are busy blaming innocents and ridiculing them. Again, these people have no religion so do you think it’s wise to point fingers blindly at innocents who have no clue themselves why this is happening?

Let us pray for everyone every where. Pray for their safety and ours. Spread love across even if others do not. An individual act of humanity will surely go a long way. Work together to prove that no matter what happens we stand strong and united. Don’t lose faith in humanity just because of the minority of people causing this chaos.


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