The Last Time (A Poem)


It was a moment of realization,

A day where the dreadful truth shun.

All this time she deliberately looked the other way,

But not on this particular day;

Because it was the last time.


The tolerance within her took its final breath,

Her taken for granted silence coming closer to its death.

No more will she carry this burden for their benefit,

Not anymore will she be the joke of this town, she is no dimwit?

Because this was the last time.


Three thrones were kept in this palatial court,

With only one pleasing the selfish gluttons and providing support.

No one else mattered, nothing else mattered,

The evidences she held roared, yet were still left unheard;

But this was for the last time.


No longer would she rely on him,

The light within her will no longer remain dim.

All she ever wanted was a place to call home,

Instead she found herself in a war zone.

But this was for the last time.


Clearly your own blood never mattered anyway,

So until his priorities are settled she’ll drive through her own highway.

Those battlefield scars are souvenirs she gets to keep,

A reminder of the strength embedded in her deep;

Time will come when the unstoppable truth will prevail,

For now this sea of tears were her last trail.


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