Spread some love and prayer

These attacks are occurring non-stop. It’s not easy to watch news channels or read the newspaper anymore. The world is suffering through an unrest because of certain people who have hatred towards the entire race of man kind. These people have no religion, no morals and no conscience in them. Hence playing the blame game amongst yourselves is not the right way to go about it. Perhaps this is the kind of division they wanted all along.

So instead of targeting eachother and making ignorant statements like “Muslims are doing this” look around you the people who are the original culprits have caused more terror all over while you are busy blaming innocents and ridiculing them. Again, these people have no religion so do you think it’s wise to point fingers blindly at innocents who have no clue themselves why this is happening?

Let us pray for everyone every where. Pray for their safety and ours. Spread love across even if others do not. An individual act of humanity will surely go a long way. Work together to prove that no matter what happens we stand strong and united. Don’t lose faith in humanity just because of the minority of people causing this chaos.


Only the weak do…

Pray for Turkey and all the other countries who are suffering from such heartless inhumane disasters.

Such a great read 


It’s never a good idea to allow anyone to mistreat you this way. If the person in question has yet to figure out his/her own life or what the relationship itself means; that on its own is a clear indication for you to walk out of the relationship before you wreck yourself. Such men/women still have some growing up to do as they are the ones unable to clearly express themselves sincerely. Never let a slow poison like this effect you in any way rather opt to walk away always and remember this was never your fault. 

You are truly worthy of a Prince Charming. Not a ghost.

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Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to Dads everywhere!

To Mom 

To Mom,

You passed on your strength, will power, courage, perseverance and many more traits to me, I can’t thank you enough for that. 

You stood by me at every step of life’s journey; giving me all the support I needed, I can’t thank you enough for that.

The sacrifices you made to give me a happier life is more than I could ever ask, I can’t thank you enough for that.

No matter how much I grow up and no matter where I go, there will not be a single day I wouldn’t need you. Near or far you’ve knowingly and unknowingly guided me through every step I have taken till date. The trick to make better decisions for myself have always been simple for me as I would wonder “what would mum do if she was in my place”, after all I am your reflection. 

To moms everywhere today is your day! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What would you choose?


Happy International Women’s Day 

Young girls are told “you have to be a delicate princess” I think that’s not the only thing a woman has to be. She can be anything she wants to be. 

This day is dedicated to women all around the world. Let’s inspire, persevere and beat all odds. It’s an era where equality strides ahead, let’s not be the ones left behind or allow anyone to hold us back and slow us down.

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! 🤗

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